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Always craving chocolate? Here’s what it means+Healthier Chocolate Alternative

You began the day by taking a bowl of oatmeal coated in fresh fruit and took a salad filled with veggies for lunch. And for dinner, a chicken and broccoli stir-fry with one side of brown rice will be whipped. Not being selfish or anything about it, just simply being the epitome of good health. Except it’s almost three o’clock and you’re tired. You hanker for something different, not only that. Yeah, you’re still hungry for cookies. What is there? What’s there? Here are some possible reasons why you can think of the snickers sitting at the bottom of your bag.


Now that you’ve identified the source of the cravings, some good news–your favorite snack has a few very cool great qualities. Then, kind of. Let us explain: cacao is rich in antioxidants (substances that kill harmful free radicals in your body) that have been related to “cholesterol reduction and memories enhancement” studies. So far, that’s all right. But here’s the rub, you might not have that much organic chocolate in your favorite candy bar. It’s most definitely loaded with sugar, which is not good for you, you know. Experts say you should choose dark varieties to reap the benefits of chocolate— at least 70%. And note that balance is important. (So, some squares are okay but not so much the entire bar.)

5 Excuses to Eat More Dark Chocolate
source: mercola


  • Fresh fruit. Yes! Fresh fruit. We hear you booing. We hear you. But it is great for you, you know, and could only find the sweet spot. Turn the warmth into something a little more interesting— grilling fruits such as peach or pineapple gives you an exquisite caramelized taste.
  •  Trail mix. Sure, the chocolate chips are the best part but the nuts, seeds, and cereal are pretty tasty, too. 
  •  Frozen yogurt. Float the charged sugar variety away and make instead of your own fro-yo dessert. We Guarantee, it’s simpler than you think.

Healthier Chocolate Alternative

Healthier Chocolate Alternative 9dailyhealth


by Janene Babauskis


  • 130g almonds
  • 75g cashews
  • 250g pitted, dried dates
  • 65g dessicated coconut
  • 80g coconut oil
  • 40g organic cocoa/cacao
  • Sprinkling of salt
  • Method
  • Line a 7″ square tin with baking parchment.
Put the almonds and cashews into a food processor and process until they are finely chopped. Tip into a large bowl
Put the dates and dessicated coconut into the food processor and process until they are also finely chopped: add to the bowl with the chopped nuts.

Add the coconut oil, cocoa and a pinch of salt to the chopped ingredients and stir well to mix completely:
Tip into the prepared tin and press down with the back of a spoon to flatten and compress it.
Refrigerate to set, ideally for a few hours:
At this stage it should be easy to cut into squares:

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